Happy Death Day Review

During my free time, normally at night, I love to spend countless hours (maybe I am exaggerating maybe I am not) watching trailers for movies. Some of these movies are either already out in theatres, coming out soon or will go straight to a streaming platform if it is not already there.

So let me set this one up. One night I was watching these trailers and one came for a-who-did-it, repeat the day college thriller. So basically the trailer shows a girl waking up on her birthday after a one-night stand and she goes throughout her day and in the end, someone in a baby mask kills her. She wakes up and repeats the day and apparently this will happen until she figures out who killed her. I know this has been done before but something about this cracks me up and made me want to see it. At first, I did not know if this was already out or was going to go straight to DVD, and at the time I did not look. I eventually found the video again on Facebook and then again and again and again. I finally decided to look it up and found out that it will actually come out to a theatre and I needed to see this movie. So the movie is titled “Happy Death Day”. The movie came out October 13, makes a lot of sense to come out on a day that associates with bad luck. So I looked up my local cinema and seen they were playing the movie. I set my alarm for the morning of the release and made my way to the theater.

The great thing about this movie was that it got to the point. It started with Tree, the main character, waking up on her birthday and going through her day. When she is murdered she wakes up in the same fashion over and over again until she figures out who killed her. Throughout the movie, you are investigating the people around her trying to figure out who has the motive to want her dead. Throughout the movie, she talks about her past and changes her attitude with every death.

The movie is an hour and a half and is action packed the entire time, not a dull moment. it also has a couple of jumps scares but does not have any gruesome moments. If I had to compare this movie to another I would put it in a category with the movies “The Roommate”. This movie will be the type that you either like or completely do not.

The one thing that disappointed me about this movie was the fact that they did not use the 50 Cent song, “In Da Club” like in the commercials. That was the reason this movie pulled me in so much. Other than that it was pretty good, and by the box office numbers has done pretty good in the few days it has been out.

Overall, the movie was funny and good. I would recommend you to see it, if not in a theater than when it releases on DVD and Blu-ray. This movie is something great to see on Halloween or the weeks leading up to it. Let me know if you saw or plan on seeing it.

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