El Matador State Beach

Want an amazing little workout with a great view at the end, I would recommend El Matador State Beach located on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu.

When you first arrive there is a parking lot that cost around 8 dollars per car. The lot is small and does not offer much spots so try and get there early. If the lot is full there is parking along the Pacific Coast Highway.

When you get there you are standing at the top looking down at the Pacific Ocean and the rocks. The water is nice and blue, well as blue as you can get in Malibu. The view is beautiful and this is where you will embark on your passage down, be careful the trek down is steep. You descend down a small trail that leads you to a set of stairs, then you walk another small trail and get meet with more stairs that lead you to the bottom. The entirety to get from the top to the bottom should take no longer then 5 minutes, just be careful.

When you get to the bottom there is a bunch of rocks and a cave that are great for photo opportunities. One cave is amazing for photographs or for kids to stand under and get wet.Cave

There were plenty of kids playing the water so you know it is safe, I mean it is more blue then the water near the Piers. This beach is perfect to read a book, write, or have a picnic. If you just want pictures this is the place too. I went with a friend and we took pictures looked at the water for a few minutes then left, and we were not the only people to do this.

Once you are done relaxing, taking pictures it is time to head back up. Going up was not to bad, if you workout or in shape it will be a piece of cake. Do not feel bad if you get tired and have to break, just whip your phone out and take more pictures because the view is breathtaking. This is a great place to go during the summer with your friends or family.



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