“Tell Me You Love Me” and “Simply Complicated” Review – Demi Lovato

When I was a little bit younger, around middle and high school, Demi Lovato made her debut on Disney Channel. After watching her shows, and hearing her music I became a fan. Fast forward to now, Demi released her sixth studio album titled Tell Me You Love me, and a documentary that can be seen … More “Tell Me You Love Me” and “Simply Complicated” Review – Demi Lovato

Mud Mask

I am like any other person who loves to indulge in a nice mask every once in awhile to treat myself. The only thing about this is that it can become pricey. This mask generally cost a little over a dollar to three dollars (for the nicer ones). So being that I love to be … More Mud Mask

Lip Exfoliator

One thing I always wanted was to try a lip exfoliator to try and smooth out my lips, especially around the winter time. So when I was online one day looking at makeup brands I ran across an affordable one, ELF’s product. They had a lip exfoliator that they sell at Wal-Mart for $3.00. I … More Lip Exfoliator


If you are ever in California and you are trying to figure out what to do I suggest heading to Malibu. I took the time to go as a tourist and do touristy things. I spent the majority of my time on the pier and man was it beautiful. I love places with breathtaking views … More Malibu

President Obama

President Obama’s Democratic convention speech was nothing short of amazing. It truly was the best speech I have ever heard (even better than Samuel L Jacksons in Deep Blue Sea). As I sat on my couch watching this smart powerful man speak I was in awe. His demeanor and his love for the people of … More President Obama