Smoothie Trick

Do you love to make smoothies but want them to have a little healthy kick to it. Whenever I make my smoothies I use to always use a juice (apple or orange) and let’s be honest this can add so much unnecessary sugar to the smoothie. So I decided to kick the apple and orange juice … More Smoothie Trick

Dorm Advice

Many of you may be anxious about moving into a dorm for the first time. Start wondering what you will need. Well, don’t spend your last few weeks worrying about what you need and where to go and buy it from. Most of the things I bought for my college dorm were bought at Target … More Dorm Advice

Freshmen Year

I promise you will change. This is the time where you figure out what and who you are. This is the time where you grow with certain friends and cut of others. Before the first day of school, being a freshman can be intimidating whether you’re starting high school or college. But I promise you … More Freshmen Year


Do you have crazy dreams? Like you wake up and think what did I watch before going to bed. Most dreams do coordinate with my favorite shows, sometimes I work with Hawaii 5-0 or I am in Quantico learning to become the next best FBI agent. Some dreams I remember and some dreams I don’t. … More Dreams

School Supplies

Since August is right around the corner you know what that means its time to set them alarms because it is school time. I mean stores have whole entire sections dedicated to supplies to bring the students down, I mean prepared. Don’t get me wrong I love the look of an entire section dedicated to … More School Supplies