Moving Process …

Some people think I am crazy for moving on the other side of the country by my lonesome. But I think it was time. I have nothing holding me back and California is a great place for what I have a degree in. The first step that I had to take was deciding a time frame on when I wanted to move. Once I figured that out I had to figure out which area I wanted to stay in and how much I wanted to spend on rent. Once everything is calculated it’s time to get online, or if you have the means to go in person, to find apartments. Apply for the apartment of your dream and once approved (I know you will get the green light) it’s time to dance and look around at everything you need to pack! This is the key moment tell yourself you need to donate things because you don’t want to take everything with you trust me. Now is the time to get online and look up everything you need to know. Are you close enough to drive, do you have to ship everything (including yourself) how much will that cost? I decided myself to just drive down to California (I know crazy right but it worked) it was cheaper than shipping everything, especially my car (man is that expensive). Now that I had the date when I was ready to leave, my apartment settled it was time to relax until the date was getting closer. DON’T PROCRASTINATE! Now that I got that out the way let me explain what I mean. Get everything you need to be done, me I made sure my doctor and eye visit were up to date. I then started to go through my stuff I had and decided what need to be packed, trashed, donated and what I can try to sell online because a few extra bucks are clutch! Once everything is all done, relax say your goodbyes and get ready to start a new chapter in life. To summarize my move I planned everything from when and where I want to move, packing, saying my goodbyes and making the move. Now I have settled into my new place, created my blog and am writing this post in hopes to help others. Well, that’s all ok BYE!

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