School Supplies

Since August is right around the corner you know what that means its time to set them alarms because it is school time. I mean stores have whole entire sections dedicated to supplies to bring the students down, I mean prepared. Don’t get me wrong I love the look of an entire section dedicated to school supplies, but do you have to put it up so soon and have us realize that our lives about to change for the next nine plus months. The only people I can think of whom are excited about this are parents because they know were off their hands for the majority of the day and the house will be empty and clean (for the most part). For the younger kids, stores carry around a list of what each grade will need (if you cannot find the list check out your child’s school homepage). For the older students, you’re on your own. But have no fear here are some tips to take advantage of the cheap deals that are out right before school starts and they add some cents or dollars to them supplies. The key is to know how many classes you have. If you are new and don’t know, you can always ask someone or look on your schools’ page and see their class bell schedule, see how many periods there are then your set. The number of classes you have is the number of notebooks and folders you get (and always try to get two or three extra). Even though you have notebooks, always get a pack of paper, you never know when you will need it and truthful sometimes it’s easier than having to tear a piece of paper out a notebook hoping it doesn’t rip. Grab two packs of pens and pencils, because well we all know someone will need one and you will never get it back. Also, can’t forget the highlighters! I always grab a binder or two because it is always a teacher that wants you to have one (that it seems you never use). Plus personally, I liked to put my old work in them for reference whenever test and finals approach. Now it’s up to you if you want more supplies, go for the planner just in case your school doesn’t provide one, or you want a cute one because let us be real all planners are adorable. A pen and pencil case so you don’t have sharp edges stabbing you throughout the day (also grab a small pencil sharpener if you don’t prefer mechanical pencils). Now this one may make you laugh, especially if you’re going to high school or you just about finished with it. Grab some crayons and color pencils. It seems that every year I have to do some coloring whether it is for a project or the life support (aka extra credit). Last but not least a book bag! Try to get a sturdy one that can last all year or more. Sometimes the fancier the longer they last I had an Adidas bag (that I got on sale for 14 bucks) lasted me four years and I still own it. Those are the essentials, which can get you through the first week of classes until teachers give you a “list” of things you will need for their class.

Take this school year head on with a positive attitude, GOODLUCK!


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