PIZZZZZZZZA, America’s favorite food. Well, at least what I believe. I took this picture at a family owned pizzeria called Gracie’s Pizza located in Hollywood. Here is a little image of the pizza we ordered since I mean you have to take a nice picture for memory right. This was our half pepperoni and half … More Pizza

Smoothie Trick

Do you love to make smoothies but want them to have a little healthy kick to it.¬†Whenever I make my smoothies I use to always use a juice (apple or orange) and let’s be honest this can add so much unnecessary sugar to the smoothie. So I decided to kick the apple and orange juice … More Smoothie Trick

Holiday Decor

It is time for the holidays, which means it is time to start decorating. This year I moved, basically across the globe, which means that I was in need of everything. My favorite time of the year is the time around Halloween and ends when, let’s just say when Santa goes back to the North … More Holiday Decor