PIZZZZZZZZA, America’s favorite food. Well, at least what I believe. I took this picture at a family owned pizzeria called Gracie’s Pizza located in Hollywood.

Here is a little image of the pizza we ordered since I mean you have to take a nice picture for memory right. This was our half pepperoni and half sausage and pepperoni (sorry the picture is blurry-ish the only lighting was from the Pizza sign). And did I mention that they import their meat and cheese from abroad if I remember Italy.                                                          img_8607

The slices are huge and greasy, which makes it the best kind. The restaurant is low-key the workers are friendly and the atmosphere is cool (lights dimmed and televisions playing but not too loud). This is honestly hands down the best pizza I have had in a while ( I can compare it to Home Run Inn and if you know me that’s my favorite).

If you do not eat pizza (no judgment here but whaaaa) they do offer salads and amazing appetizers. We tried the garlic knots and wings and let’s just say we fell in love with the wings.

Anyway if you happen to be in California, check the out.

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