“Tell Me You Love Me” and “Simply Complicated” Review – Demi Lovato

When I was a little bit younger, around middle and high school, Demi Lovato made her debut on Disney Channel. After watching her shows, and hearing her music I became a fan.

Fast forward to now, Demi released her sixth studio album titled Tell Me You Love me, and a documentary that can be seen on YouTube titled Simply Complicated.

Her album, which features the summer anthem “Sorry Not Sorry”, is one of my all-time favorites from her. This is an album I can listen to from front to back with no skips, which is rare now a day. The album has both slow jams and upbeat temple songs that all have a message surrounding being or getting into a relationship and the feeling that can cast on a person. For example, “Only Forever” is a slow song that talks about the feeling of wanting the person you like to make a move and if that takes forever you will wait. Then she has the faster upbeat songs like “Sexy Dirty Love” that talks about the excitement people feel when they embark on a new relationship. If I could write about every song on the album I would but I will not take up all your time to do that, just trust me when I say that she left her all on this album.

So while I was scrolling down my Instagram timeline I saw she posted a promotion of her new YouTube documentary and I decided to check it out. The entirety of the documentary is an hour and 18 minutes and the entire thing is worth it. I grabbed my headphones and began the documentary. Remember when teachers would say start every essay with an attention grabber; well she took that to heart. The documentary starts with her saying that the last time she did a long interview she was strung out on cocaine, now for some reason, I did NOT know that she was a user. I remember headlines years ago that she checked into rehab but never knew the extent to why she checked in other than she was depressed. She went into details about her violent past because of drugs and depression and where she believed it stemmed from. She also goes into her relationship and love for Wilmer Valderrama and her dating status now. During the documentary Demi, along with family members friends and her management staff, talk about where she was to where she is at now mentally, and physically. Overall, the positivity of the documentary is a wake-up call that you can have a troubled past but with support and the mindset to change you can and will. If you have time I surely do recommend that you go and watch this documentary, which is free.

I would recommend that you listen to the album first, watch the documentary than re-listen to the album. It will have you appreciate the music more and get a deeper meaning of each song. Not only that it will have you look at Demi Lovato in a different light. You can buy the album in stores or stream/buy on any music platform.

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