Thank You

I remember being in 8th grade when the presidential campaign started and to my surprise, there was a man whose skin looked just like mine. I was in awe that a black man was running for president. I was aware of how everything works out so I was excited to wear Obama apparel, tell folks … More Thank You

Holiday Decor

It is time for the holidays, which means it is time to start decorating. This year I moved, basically across the globe, which means that I was in need of everything. My favorite time of the year is the time around Halloween and ends when, let’s just say when Santa goes back to the North … More Holiday Decor


This is a personal post. This post is for the superwoman in my life. To the person who loved me from the moment I was born, and vice versa. To the person who knows more about me than I do myself. To the person, I saw take care of not only me but my older … More Mom


Want to know a surprising fact; every grade below 9th was not yet born during 9/11. To these students, they learn about this day in history when so many of us were around when it happened. I am so used to teachers asking who remembers that day when talking about it in history class, or … More 9/11