Awareness to Bullying

I was going through some of my videos and figured I would post this video I did for a class project with my friend Madelaine Gerard.

Background on the video: our assignment was to make a quick public service announcement on an issue. We decided to talk about bullying and how words hurt. This video does have some vulgar words, but we want to show that people use these to hurt people.


I decided to post this because I see it happen a lot. If you do not just go onto YouTube and read some of the comments on certain videos. Words hurt just as much as punches, if not more. We live in a world now where bullying does not just happen at school or on the playground anymore. People are able to write a post or comment about someone anytime and anywhere they want. They are able to write about people they do not even know.

I hope this video shows you that even though you may think these are just “words” and should not hurt someone physically (or maybe you think hey I am just playing), just think what if this happened to me, especially if it comes from a stranger. If you have nothing nice to say do not say anything at all. And if you do see it happening to someone else, stand up for the person. Sometimes just saying ‘hey that is not nice to say at all’, or ‘you do not know what they are going through be nice’ can go a long way for the person being bullied.

My advice, parents talk to your children it starts at home. Teachers if you see it happening or a student comes to you just listen. If you see it happening to your peers tell a trusted adult, the kids parents, or a counselor. We lose too many children to bullying, it has to be a way to stop this. I know this won’t stop bullying I just hope it brings awareness.

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