Airport arrivals and departures

Do you know what I do not understand, airports? I do not understand the entire process of picking someone up. First, it takes forever to get to the arrival area because it’s thousands also trying to pick someone up so you are trying to maneuver around other cars to find your party. When you do find your party you always end up driving past them because someone is on your car’s bumper and the nearest place to pull your car into is like a mile from them (yes I am exaggerating but it seems like that is the distance, especially when they have a lot of luggage). I guess what I do not understand is the idea that the person who works for the airport has no hearts and will not let a car sit and wait for their parties to either put their bags in the car or walk a few feet because you accidentally passed them up. I get if someone does not see their party and they are legit waiting for them (they could still be on the plane for heaven sake) those are the people you tell to keep on moving, circle around the airport and come back when your party arrives outside. A great tip is to arrive when they land and wait like down the street at a restaurant parking lot, or maybe a metered lot. Then when they text you they landed let them know to call when they walk out and where to meet you then you head to the arrival area.

You may be wondering why I came up with this post. Well, I had the privilege of my friends surprising me for a visit, I went to the airport to pick them up and let’s just say I ended up driving around twice until I found them. When I did find them I had to move in front of a bus and I am guessing my car was past the curb so here comes the lady who works there that takes their job way too serious. When I tell you this lady was petty she was PETTY. My friends were right there, my friend Brandon (HEY) put his bag in my trunk and the lady said no take it out if you get in her car I have to give her a ticket. Like what are you talking about lady?

So I went around the corner (which was literally 3 seconds away) and I noticed a bunch of cop cars sitting there. I saw a sign that said police personnel only. So what did I do I rolled my window down and asked the policeman in his car if I can move forward to get my friends. He said yes, the lady standing with my friends was looking confused on why I stopped, well ma’am this person can legally give me a hefty ticket if I disobey a law. So when my friends got in my car I was mad, along with them. Like airport authority people whatever your titles are (since you love your jobs oh so much) please let us, the people who are picking up loved ones pick up our parties. We got this I promise, it is like an unspoken untaught lesson on how to maneuver around the airport pickup and drop-off locations. There is no need for you to run up to our cars and tell people MOVE MOVE MOVE! I guess overall I cannot work for an airport outside directing traffic because I understand the pain of already driving around looking for your party so once you find them all you want to do is move over and let them in the car so you can continue to go about your day. To the people, I know you want me to work there because I would let you take your time, shoot I will gladly take a picture for you to remember the time you either reunited with your loved ones or you are departing from them. Good luck next time you go to the airport if you can just take a taxi, or ride sharing app (I think they can now drop off at airports).

This is not a dab at people who work in the airport; I love TSA you keep us safe, the airlines themselves because without you all we would be driving days to get to a destination when it only takes hours in the air. To the flight attendants you are the real MVP’s and to the pilots, I envy you all because I love planes. And to every other person, who check us in give us tickets, check our bags you’re the best. And to the people outside, trust it is some real MVPs because they just do not care, but others man goodbye.

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