This is a personal post. This post is for the superwoman in my life. To the person who loved me from the moment I was born, and vice versa. To the person who knows more about me than I do myself. To the person, I saw take care of not only me but my older brothers and sister. To the person, I saw literally wake up in the morning make sure we were all taken care of to go to school and then put on her uniform, boots and give her all to the Army for 21 years. I remember you once saying that it was time to retire because you felt as if you missed us growing up. I can attest that you did not. I remember you being home every day at 5. Taking us to school personally on our first day of school at a brand new school (and hugging me because I was going to cry because I did not want you to leave). Bringing home movies every Tuesday when they released. Celebrating birthdays and being at every parent teacher conference and open house (even if we didn’t want you to go because those evaluations weren’t the best). The entire year you were gone, fighting for our freedom in Iraq and still making sure to email and call when you could. And those calls should have been all about you but you were making sure everything was good on our end. Growing up, and even now, all I see is you give 200% when everyone around you gives 100.

I see you go to work now and give your all to your students; to make sure they get a quality education and go to college. To take them places they have never been, to show them the support they may not get in their own community or even at home. To know that you are such a wonderful woman that other people’s children, your students call you mom. For them to stick up for you and be ready to fight for you. I appreciate them for that!

Seeing you with Janiyah melts my heart. Being her aunt is amazing but seeing her with her grandma is even better. Seeing you make her laugh and changing her so we don’t have to (thanks for that). Taking her to the park and making sure she ate because you always came home before we fed her and it made it seem like we weren’t (I promise we were!). Whenever I have kids I promise to make sure they see you, well I will birth them and you can raise them until around 17 thanks in advance.

I may not always show it but I truly love you, and you are appreciated. I pray every night that you are ok and do not have to worry about anything. One day I do plan to take care of you, to pay your bills buy you a car and give you spending money. Until then I will continue to do my best to make sure I make you proud. To never embarrass you, to never disappoint you. And for one day to be half the woman you are because deep down I know nobody on earth can ever be the woman you are. I thank your parents for raising such a beautiful person inside and out and for you dedicating your life to do the same for me. Thank you, mom and happy birthday, the month of October is yours do not let anybody or any trial bring you down you have done a lot and it is time for you to take it easy. Sit back catch up on your shows, and relax for the next 3 Saturdays.


Your favorite child (I’ll say it since you can’t). And like Kevin Durant said mom you are the real MVP.

One thought on “Mom

  1. That was beautiful. you say you can’t write but I beg to differ. Your writing is on point. I appreciate all my children even the knuckle head boys. As a parent I tried my best and I are a did not do a bad job. Thanks love you mom


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