Bantu Knots Tutorial

So as described in the video my friend wanted me to make a video on how I do my Bantu knots, so what did I do I made a video. In the video, I show how I accomplish my simple Bantu Knots in order to achieve curls without heat. Below is a written version of how to do it and a little more detail that I give that may work for you. Don’t be afraid to let me know what you do to your Bantu’s and if it is your first time how it turned out.

The process.
Wash your hair; you can either put these in when your hair is damp or dry. I normally put it in right after washing my hair or I would wait for a day or two after. But try not to do it with oily, dirty hair.
I normally part my hair to let me focus on one section of my hair so if that helps you then follow this step but it is optional.
When you are ready to put in the Bantu’s I love to oil the section I am about to work on, this helps keep your hair oily and moisturized while up and in the curling process and to make sure your hair does not dry out.
Doing the Bantu: you take a section of your hair and start twisting it about halfway of the strand. I recommend not doing the whole strand of hair because it can kill your ends. Once you twist it halfway you begin to twist the hair around the base of the section. Repeat this step all the way around.
*It depends on how you will wear your hair on the lines you make. If you are only putting the Bantu’s in to make a curl pattern than the lining does not matter. If you are going to make a bold statement like Rihanna or Crazy Eyes (OITNB) then make sure your lines are perfect!*
When it comes to how many Bantu’s to put in your hair it is up to you and also how long your hair is. Since my hair is short I try and put a lot in to maximize my curls. When I wear weave I normally put in about 6 (or two big ones to make a wavy pattern). The more Bantu’s the more curls.
That’s basically all it takes to put in Bantus. For me when I first put it in I question how it looks but once they begin to fall I love it! Good luck and remember it is ok if it does not come out as planned the first couple times, or it comes out fabulous on your first try.

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