Want to know a surprising fact; every grade below 9th was not yet born during 9/11. To these students, they learn about this day in history when so many of us were around when it happened. I am so used to teachers asking who remembers that day when talking about it in history class, or any class on September 11. They will not be asked the question where were you when the World Trade Centers and Pentagon were attacked. They will not be able to tell their stories and or the stories of their parents.

What I remember most about that day was it being a normal day. I think I was around first or second grade and the day went like any other day. I woke up got dressed for school, ate breakfast and went to the bus stop. We then got to school and started our day. At this time I was living on a military base in Louisiana, and my school was located on the base we were living on. Not too long after arriving at school, the teachers were all swarming in the hall trying to locate a television. I remember our classroom had a television so my teacher and the other two classrooms all gathered in our room to watch the news. At that time we were young and trying to comprehend what we were watching. Looking around we could see our teachers breaking down but trying to hold everything together to try not to worry us 7-year-olds.

I remember going home and wondering what in the world is happening. Why is everyone in a frantic? But I did know that something bad happened in New York, that the best we could do is pray. I remember the idea that my brother and his family lived in New York and wondering if they were ok. I found out they were and now was wondering about all the little girls and boys whose lives were turned upside down because of the terrorist attack.

Today is September 11, 15 years after this attack on the United States. Let us pray for the men and women who lost their lives, for the NYPD and NYFD. For the men and women who travel to New York to help the recovery team. To the men and women in our armed forces who fought for our freedom years later. And the families who would have been turned upside down from the twin towers, Pentagon and the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania and the lives lost in the war.

If I could give you a recommendation would be to watch the history channels around this time. They air documentaries about the event and have interviews from people involved (people who worked for the government, FAA and more).

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