Why Hello There

I was trying to figure out what would be a good first post on my blog and decided a status that gives information on who I am. That’s what most blogs first post is right. You are probably wondering who is Catherine, what does she do or you’re a friend and or family member who basically knows this information. I guess let us start! Well, first and foremost I am Catherine. I recently moved to California, not quite Los Angeles but I mean I do say it since I am close (in my mind) but mile-wise not really. Before this, I was just a college student at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville studying what it takes to film something and edit it into a masterpiece, until this May when I proudly walked across the stage (IM DONE WITH SCHOOL YALL). Before all this, I was just a child running around with friends on different bases (many would think I am talking baseball but I’m talking military)! I was a military brat (army brat to be exact) and I am proud to own this, thanks, mom! I moved all over the place as a young child until around 12 when I moved to Illinois for good. Anyway, I’ll explain this lifestyle later, more post to come. That’s basically my life until now. I decided to make a blog because, well I love to write about things, take pictures make videos and I plan to use this site for all of that. I guess my first post was quick! You’ll read me later I guess, BYE!

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