If you are ever in California and you are trying to figure out what to do I suggest heading to Malibu. I took the time to go as a tourist and do touristy things. I spent the majority of my time on the pier and man was it beautiful. I love places with breathtaking views that a camera simply cannot show its beauty. I did take photos but that’s not the point. Walking on the pier was so relaxing and breathtaking. Looking down and seeing people playing on the beach, others walking along side you taking pictures and others were eating, it just seemed at that moment nobody was worrying about anything. The great thing about Malibu is the location. When you’re all done just hop in the car and drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, you will not regret it. Especially if you drive a certain way (totally forget) you run right into Santa Monica Pier, why not do two touristy things in one go round?
While in Malibu I also had the opportunity of eating at the café on the pier called Malibu Farms and I recommend you do also. The café is located directly on the pier and next to a small parking lot that cost us 10 dollars, but you can stay as long as you want. What made me love this place; I was literally eating with an ocean view. Since I am on this quesadilla kick I decided to give it a go and I also ordered the watermelon juice (HEY BEYONCE)


The quesadilla (pictured above) was nothing short of amazing and the dipping sauce it came with was, what I say, personally sent from the food gods themselves. Now for the juices, they have different flavors but I figured I love watermelon juice and someone I follow had tried it and loved it, so why not give it a try. Let me tell you their juices come in the cutest mason jars and are great pic-ccessories (picture+accessory). But the flavor was strong; I could not even finish it. The taste was like they ground the juice right out of a watermelon if you love the taste of watermelon and its juice this drink is for you (yes I am odd I dislike the taste of watermelon in its true form). But I had the pleasure of going with one of my close friends and they ordered the nachos and added chicken to the meal and it looked amazing (they said it tasted just how it looked). Looking around at what other people were eating a lot would buy different things off the menu and share.

Oh let me tell you about the menu its small, short straight to the point and it’s the cutest little thing. It is a little menu pamphlet and on a clipboard, it is about the size of a small kids book and only like 3 pages. The one thing about this place is they can be pricey but the view is worth it, especially if you have Snapchat or Instagram and want to show out! If you ever go let me know what you think, and who you see I hear that celebrities love to go to this place.

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