Salisbury Steak Recipe

Is it crunch time and you are trying to figure out what to make for dinner because you do not want to run through a drive through or pay a lot of money for a delivery. Well, this recipe I learned from my mom (HEY MOM!). It is convenient and fast to make. It is a play on a real meal I like to call it the original easier way to make it. Some of you may be wondering what I am talking about; well here it is Salisbury steak.
What you will need it
Ground beef or turkey
Seasoning (I use Lawry’s season salt)
Pam (or some type of spray for the pan)
*Whatever side you want to make
The first thing you will do is cut up the onion. Now, this step is totally optional but for me, I love an onion, so I use it. You will then put the ground beef into a bowl and season it. I then put it in the optional onion. I mix the two together and form patties. Heat your stove up to medium high, spray some Pam and begin cooking the patties. When the patties are done to you and your family or friends like put them on a plate and drain the excess grease. Now it comes to the gravy. My mom use to make the gravy from scratch, but boy is that hard for me. I think she used flower seasoning then slowly adds water when the flour starts to burn. But if you are like me and do not want to mess anything up, buy the gravy in a can or jar. Put the patties back into the pan and pour the gravy over the patties. Let the gravy heat up. Once the gravy is heated up, around ten minutes you can eat.
The reason I do not add the sides is that to each its own. Whenever I make this meal I make the typical corn and rice. It goes great with this meal so if you cannot decide what to make, I would suggest this. Follow the directions on the box and can then you are done.
Feed it to your family and or friends and let me know how you like it. Overall the meal is quick to make and cost friendly. If you buy everything it should cost fewer than ten dollars and take 40 minutes to an hour to make. Great for the days you run late at work or school.

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