OVO Flagship Store

If you know me then you know I am pretty much obsessed with Drake and his brand. In my eyes, he can do no wrong. So being that I now live in Los Angeles one stop I had to make was his Flagship store on La Brea Avenue. Whenever you see him and or his crew post pictures of the outside of the store trusssss miii (see what I did there oh if you do not know that is a saying that Drake uses a lot) it looks just like that. The building is solid white and has a gold owl to represent OVO (Octobers Very Own).
When you first walk in the one thing you notice is simplicity and rap music blasting. Let me tell you I felt like I walked in heaven. It wasn’t overbearing like some stores with merchandise everywhere it had two tables and some storage on the sides hanging clothes. If you expect a lot of merchandise like retail stores think again. It had a section for hats, sweats, shirts, and hoodies. The clothes feature some of his lyrics, the owl, and OVO. If I could I probably would have bought the entire store, maybe next time (back at it again with the lyrics). The workers were really laid back and it felt as though they were like friends (very homey).
After leaving the store (and of course taking more pictures) I more attention to the parking meters, they had an OVO sticker on the pole. Can we say incredible, it was different I loved it. This is my new favorite place.
Overall, a shout-out to Oliver El-Khatib for making yet another major and awesome OVO Flagship Store in Los Angeles. You guys don’t understand how much it made my day to be able to walk the store, check out the merchandise and make a purchase! I mean I do consider myself apart of OVO! If you are in the Los Angeles area and are near Hollywood hit up La Brea Avenue and check out the OVO store. My next goal is to be shopping there and turn my head and see Drake walking in, is that too much ok well I will continue dreaming and praying.

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