Dorm Advice

Many of you may be anxious about moving into a dorm for the first time. Start wondering what you will need. Well, don’t spend your last few weeks worrying about what you need and where to go and buy it from. Most of the things I bought for my college dorm were bought at Target and Wal-Mart. But don’t think these are the only two stores that college back to school, dorm, essentials these are just the two common stores near college campuses.

The first step is to go to your schools’ website and check out the housing section and see what you are allowed and bring and what they prohibit in the dorms. This is important because there are still schools that do not allow things like fridges and microwaves and some that allow you to bring both or just a fridge. Another tip is to get in contact with your roommate (if you are going to have one) to figure out who will bring what. It does not make sense to bring two fridges and two televisions. Also, see what your dorm has to offer. The dorms at my college freshman year had private bathrooms for my roommate, suitemates and me (a total of four of us shared a bathroom). So I knew we needed bathroom accessories. It’s important to know the area you will be spending a year in because trust you do not want to buy things you simply do not need and you don’t want to forget anything.

So you’re probably wondering what type of things will I need. Every student needs a garbage can. A small one nothing big, these can be found at any store generally fewer than two dollars. A comforter and bed sheets, most colleges have twin XL size beds so play it safe and buy this size, pillows and a mattress pad (a thick one for sure). The mattress pad comes in handy because the beds in dorms are not comfy without it. Buy a set that shows your style this is normally the focal point when someone walks into your room and don’t worry if you have the same set as someone in your dorm it’s going to happen. You will also want some sort of organizer for your clothes and shoes. You may want a bin to put winter clothes in and an over-the-door shoe hanger to hang in your closet. With this, you will need some hangers for coats, clothes jeans whatever you hang in your closet.

When it comes to the bathroom I would buy a shower caddy, they have the foldable ones and the solid ones with the handle. Trust me these come in handy. Where you put your razors, soap, toothpaste/brush, hair products and loofas (these products I recommend buying once you get to campus but nothings wrong with buying beforehand). So when you are ready to shower and get ready you grab it and go.

A printer will come in hand also, but this is optional, I would recommend one for the room because the by the time you pay for possibly printing papers, projects and or notes it will be cheaper than paying school printers. Also, go grab computer paper and maybe an extra ink cartridge. Then there are little things to buy like a surge protector, lamp (if your studying and your roommate are sleep).

If your room does have carpet, like mine did, a small vacuum will come in handy. My roommate provided this and it was a small Dirt Devil vacuum that fit in the corner and did not take up any room. You will also want to buy décor. This can be pictures, stencils for the wall, pillows and more. But it’s safe to also buy the command hooks so you do not damage the wall in any way (and they also come in handy to hand up jewelry, hats, and keys).

What I said above was right; check your schools’ site to determine if you will need a fridge. If you can bring one also check to see if they have limits on the size it can be. Once you figure this out Target and Wal-Mart has them for an affordable price. Also would be a television, you may or may not have to worry about this depending on you and your roommate’s decision. A standard size can be a good 32” television, which can cost around the same as a fridge (which is why I advise one person buys a fridge and the other a television). If you have either of these items at home or know someone who has it and can sell it to you or gift it to you I recommend asking them.

Oh last but not least don’t forget some Lysol and wipes. When you first move in make sure to spray the bed and wipe down everything!
The one thing I wish I did was organized everything I was bringing with me before hand and not having everything packed and unpacking it at school. If you have side bins for supplies go ahead and put it in their tape it to make sure the drawers don’t fly open and off. Have the clothes you want in the bin already in and folded and the clothes you want in drawers in your suitcase and the ones that will be hung in a certain suitcase or bag.
When you move in unpack everything. Make a list of things you may have forgotten and or need. This is also when you will buy the little essentials like food, drinks, and things for the bathroom (like toothpaste, soaps, etcetera).

That is basically all it takes to move into your dorm and be comfortable for nine months. If you have any more questions you can ask me, or someone else you know that has attending college. Good luck!

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