Fettuccini Recipe

This is my go-to recipe whenever I want to make chicken fettuccini. It is simple and sort of affordable (I say this because to be realistic cheese and whipping cream is expensive).
What you will need for this meal is as follows, and once you make it you can tweak it to you and your family or friends like.
Cheese (parmesan and mozzarella)
Heavy whipping cream (doesn’t matter the brand)
Fettuccini, Penne, spaghetti whichever noodle of your choice
Vegetable (optional) I love to use broccoli
Meat (optional) mine I use chicken
Season and olive oil (or butter)
Ok so to start off I put the water on for the noodles because I do not trust the instructions on the box it takes longer than 10 minutes. Once I was the water going I cut up the chicken. This is where everyone step is different. Some people like to use chicken breast I love to use chicken tenderloins. I cut mine up and some people do not until after it’s cooked. If you are not using chicken you can use no meat, shrimp, sausages and more (let me know what you love to use). Sorry I was rambling, back to what I was saying. I cut my chicken tenderloins up and it doesn’t have to be even, then I season it. Since most of the meat doesn’t take long to cook I wait until my water starts boiling to being to cook it.
Ok now that the water is boiling, I start to cook my meat. This normally takes fifteen to twenty minutes, or sooner depends on how high you have the eye on. When the meat is done I put it to the side and generally my noodles are done so I put it on low and begin my sauce. I buy the bigger bottle of heavy whipping cream and use it all. So I pour that whole bottle in and let it simmer then I put both bags of cheese into the sauce and stir. When it comes to the cheese this part can be easy or it can be difficult. I normally start with using half of each bag and stir. I then try and taste the sauce if I like it that is all I will use if I want more, then add more! Now that this is simmering and the cheese is melting I normally make my vegetables, since I buy the steam fresh bags.
While the sauce is simmering and I am stirring it constantly I do have to multitask. After a good stir, I take the noodles and drain them. I then put olive oil into the noodles and stir it. I put the noodles back into the pan mix the chicken with it and add the broccoli. I pour the sauce in and mix everything together, add as much of the sauce as your heart and soul can take. Leave it on the stove top for a few minutes and then you’re done.
Little note even though I make the entire heavy whipping cream I do not use it all in one sitting. I pour the leftover into a container and store it in the freezer for another day. When reheating the leftover pasta sauce, take it out the freezer and let it thaw out. Once it is a little thawed put it on the stovetop and let it heat up there. Then pour on your pasta (for the leftover sauce I prefer penne over fettuccini).
If you do make it all this meal can last days and cost fewer than 20 dollars. I hope it tastes good, let me know what you think.
For the sauce, I use the pan that I used the chicken in. When I first learned how to make the sauce I read to use that pan and not clean it, so I did that and still do.

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