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Smoothie Trick

Do you love to make smoothies but want them to have a little healthy kick to it. Whenever I make my smoothies I use to always use a juice (apple or orange) and let’s be honest this can add so much unnecessary sugar to the smoothie. So I decided to kick the apple and orange juice to the curb and use sugar-free Propel packets (I normally use the grape or kiwi strawberry flavor). These packets are a great replacement because it does not change the flavor of the drinks, and has no sugar! I pair with different fruits and add healthy yogurt to it. Blend it all together and voila there is my fruit smoothie. During school, I would drink it either at night or make it for class. I use the individual blender where I mix everything place the top on and go about my business.

So, if you try it let me know how you like it and if it adds a different taste to your smoothie.

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