Do you have crazy dreams? Like you wake up and think what did I watch before going to bed. Most dreams do coordinate with my favorite shows, sometimes I work with Hawaii 5-0 or I am in Quantico learning to become the next best FBI agent. Some dreams I remember and some dreams I don’t. I remember being told that when this happens the ones you remember won’t happen and the ones you do not will happen. Like déjà vu I assume, and I have a lot of them moments. When that does happen I wonder why does this seem familiar, oh my dream. Well, the cure for this is to write down your dreams. I decided to start doing this. At first, I would text my best friend (hey Michelle!) and we would laugh about it or just plain old question what in the world was that about. Now (I still text the insane dreams to her) I write them down. The key to writing them down is to do it right when you wake up before you get up and do your morning routines. I tend to notice once I fully get up I normally forget the dream, hence why I write it down before I even get up (yes I still have bad breath but who cares). There are different ways you can write your dreams down. The first is to have a notebook and pen next to your bed and write them down when you wake up. Keeping a dream journal is cool, no judgments here. The second way is to write it down on your phone, especially if you have notes or Microsoft word app installed. The way I do it is to write my dream down on my phone. I plan to transfer them all to a notebook once I actually get one, so, for now, my phone works perfectly. The reason for this is to be able to look back, but more importantly for me, I think I can really write a screen play on my dreams, I mean come on they are crazy. Anyway, try and write your dreams down and let me know how it goes.


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