President Obama

President Obama’s Democratic convention speech was nothing short of amazing. It truly was the best speech I have ever heard (even better than Samuel L Jacksons in Deep Blue Sea). As I sat on my couch watching this smart powerful man speak I was in awe. His demeanor and his love for the people of America showed. His speech was just as powerful as he was and just as powerful as Michelle Obamas was this week. His delivery was (like his others) flawless.
What I loved most about the speech was the fact that this is his last so he held nothing back. He did not have to speak around the facts in hope to not hurt people’s feelings that can damage him running again. Starting off his speech President Obama made sure his naysayers knew what he did during his two terms as president. From bringing home our troops to taking out Osama Bin Laden and more he made sure we knew what he did for our country.
I am proud to say that I was able to vote my president in four years ago and was able to lobby for him during 2008 is that I was too young to vote. I knew just because he was African American he would endure a hard time trying to gain full acceptance by the great people of America and what he needed the most support. And that is what he is calling from us in regards to electing Hillary.
Ok, enough of the great political talk can we talk the shade (jabs) that President Obama threw during his speech! Oh man. From where his grandparents were from to him having a birth certificate and basically claiming that Donald Trump is not worthy of being President of the United States of America. The shade that was thrown was needed! It was great because it had people thinking. As a child of a mother who dedicated her life to protect this country I cannot pull myself into voting for Donald Trump, even more now since President Obama made it clear that Trump thinks our military is “weak”. But enough of that, this is not an article where I am urging people to vote one way, I am just urging people to go vote. Especially if you want to change, or to be able to complain for the next four years if the policies being thrown into play are against your beliefs.
I guess my one question is, what would happen if we write President Obama name in when we vote. Anyway, like President Obama mentioned, don’t boo go vote!

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