Board Game Idea’s for the Holidays

So everyone is done eating and now what. Everyone who loves football is probably camped out in front of the television and the others are sitting around figuring what else there is to do. This is when board games come in handy, whether you have some lying around, go buy some beforehand, or make up a game. Here are some games that I can think of that will be perfect for the family to play. Want to make it more fun, make a bet on it, something like the losing team has to wash dishes, or if you’re old enough take a shot. Here is some idea’s that I came up with that can be either bought or made up at home. If you do not have any game boards to do not be afraid to reach out to people showing up and ask them to bring some games.

Family Feud

I mean Thanksgiving is about family so you might as well play the game. Whether you find questions online with answers or buy the game at the store. This will be fun to split the family in half and see which team wins. Plus the answers family members give is hilarious, this will be a great game to bring laughter and competition.


Everyone knows how to play this game and it allows you to be creative. You can either buy the game at the store or you can basically make your own. If you want to make your own have someone make up different keywords to play out. This game can split your party in half and make a good competition (who doesn’t want to wash dishes). And just like Family Feud, it will for sure make everyone burst out laughing seeing others play out words.

Phase 10

This card game is nothing short of amazing. You can purchase this game at any store, like Target or Wal-Mart in the game board isle. It makes you complete different phases with the cards you are dealt with. Once you complete one phase you move on to the other, and the person who completes every phase wins. This game is sort of played like other card games, but you have to pay close attention to your hand to try and complete a phase.


Do not get mad at your family, or friends, who forgot how to play this game. Just give them a refresher and play on. This game is great because it causes competition. Any age can play and allows the older to bring their inner child out. There is a number of different Uno’s out there, whether it’s just the cards or the machine versions.


This is great for the younger crowd, or for the older that is obsessed with the game like me. This is a no brainer if you want to distract the kids and keep them off of electronics.


This game can last the entire evening because let’s be honest nobody ever wins. This is another one great to distract the children, or for the older crowd since nobody outgrows Monopoly. The one thing good about this game is that it is in every household.

Hope this list helps and that you and your loved ones have a happy Thanksgiving, full of laughter and happiness.

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