Theory Came True: Dance Mom’s

This is an updated review of Dance Moms. I watched the show from the beginning and I must admit it was some seasons after most of the original trouble maker moms left that I thought the show wasn’t that great. That was until this season. SIDENOTE: I wrote this article a month ago and then the preview for the rest of the season and next season has recently dropped and a lot of my theories have come true, I will talk about it at the end until then read my predicts.

They bought back Cathy, which made the show so much better. I loved Cathy because her and Abby were arch enemies. Cathy was the only person who would go toe to toe with Abby and her dance moms were not afraid to argue with the moms of Abby’s studio.

Even though so far Cathy was only in like 2 or 3 episodes it was the best, I do hope they bring her back for some more episodes because I need the Abby Lee Dance Company versus the Candy Apple drama. I do hope the producers of the show realize that we do love the dancing of the show but we love the drama a lot more. So I hope they figure out a way to reach out to Christie and Chloe and bring them back for next season, now that would be an awesome comeback. And to put the icing on the top would be to reach out to Kelly and Paige, sorry viewers but you know it has been a long time because Brooke is now in college so she would not be able to dance with the teen group (do you feel old yet).

Even though I loved the earlier seasons of Dance Mom’s back when it had Kelly, Christie, Melissa, Holly and the new addition of Jill (who went back and forth from ALDC and Candy Apples), that was the best because of the drama and the best dance choreographs. I know they cannot go back to the time period because of the idea that Maddie is now a star, dancing for Sia and doing other huge projects, but a girl can wish. Anyway, I will still watch this show no matter what because every new mom is just as crazy as the originals and Abby, is still well Abby.

Ok, so like I said at the start of this article I wrote this article about a month ago maybe longer (it was a long wait for my oil change and I forgot to post this). But anyway since then Lifetime has released the trailer for the rest of this season and I am assuming next. The most noticeable part was they are traveling back to Pittsburgh and go to a competition and no other than Candy Apples is competing. This is going to air Tuesday and let’s say that a lot of drama will happen I cannot wait! Then to my surprise, there was ANOTHER SURPRISE! Guess who walks in the door and says they want to start competing again, sorry fans not Maddie but Chloe and her mom Christie! I cannot wait for this episode, every dance mom and dancer had tears coming out their eyes when they walked in I mean hello they are the best. Even though I want them back for the drama, I must admit Abby does need to put her pride aside and allow them to return because Chloe did the best turns on her team since season one and was one of the top dancers there (maybe she won’t have to keep looking for new dancers either) and producers hello DRAMA.

Anyway, that is my review on Dance Mom’s and my first review of many television shows and movies. I cannot wait to start letting you guys know what I recommend or do not recommend to spend your precious time to watch or purchase to watch. Oh, and I love Netflix so if you have any recommendations on what to watch let me know.

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