Baked Sweet Potato


So when I made this recipe I was wondering, what it was called. Over Thanksgiving, my cousins’ wife made this recipe and I fell in love, so I had to try and make it for myself. Fast forward to this week when I was on Facebook and ran across one of them recipe videos and notice one of the sides of the dish was the item I wanted to try so badly. So I follow their simple recipe and realized this was the recipe I was trying to find. Not only that but the recipe was simple and quick to make.

The recipe calls for

A sweet potato

Peppers (any color you like, I love to use them all).


Salt and pepper (or season salt)

Olive oil

Non-stick Spray


Cut up your sweet potato, peppers, and onion into small cubes, as small as your heart desires [for the peppers and onions I cut up about a half a cup for every potato used].

Once you cut those up into cubes take out a baking sheet spray the non-stick on and pour the contents on there (or you can prepare the mixture in a bowl whichever makes you comfortable).

Season the mix with salt and pepper (I also use Lawry’s seasoning salt). Drizzle some olive oil on top and stir the mixture to make sure you coat everything. Now you are done with the prepping. It is time to cook.

Heat the oven up to around 350 degrees and cook for a good 40 minutes and stir half way through. After 40 minutes your meal should be done. Some ovens cook slower and some cook faster than others, you should know your stove. Throughout the cooking process just keep checking and piercing some of the potatoes with a fork, when they are soft your meal is done.


Let me know what you think of this recipe, and if you happen to know what it is called let me know as well, I am stumped.


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