“Tell Me You Love Me” and “Simply Complicated” Review – Demi Lovato

When I was a little bit younger, around middle and high school, Demi Lovato made her debut on Disney Channel. After watching her shows, and hearing her music I became a fan. Fast forward to now, Demi released her sixth studio album titled Tell Me You Love me, and a documentary that can be seen … More “Tell Me You Love Me” and “Simply Complicated” Review – Demi Lovato


If you ever visit Saint Louis, Missouri my recommendation would be to go visit the Arch. The views from the top are breath taking. On one side you a view of the city and downtown, with the old Rams stadium and the famous Cardinals Stadium (Busch Stadium). And when you turn to the other side … More STL

Thank You

I remember being in 8th grade when the presidential campaign started and to my surprise, there was a man whose skin looked just like mine. I was in awe that a black man was running for president. I was aware of how everything works out so I was excited to wear Obama apparel, tell folks … More Thank You


PIZZZZZZZZA, America’s favorite food. Well, at least what I believe. I took this picture at a family owned pizzeria called Gracie’s Pizza located in Hollywood. Here is a little image of the pizza we ordered since I mean you have to take a nice picture for memory right. This was our half pepperoni and half … More Pizza

Smoothie Trick

Do you love to make smoothies but want them to have a little healthy kick to it. Whenever I make my smoothies I use to always use a juice (apple or orange) and let’s be honest this can add so much unnecessary sugar to the smoothie. So I decided to kick the apple and orange juice … More Smoothie Trick