Freshmen Year

I promise you will change. This is the time where you figure out what and who you are. This is the time where you grow with certain friends and cut of others. Before the first day of school, being a freshman can be intimidating whether you’re starting high school or college. But I promise you will make it through the day.
Let’s start with being a freshman in college because well it is easier. Before the first day of school is that you are in a larger place, walk around campus and figure out where your classes are. This is a great idea especially if you have classes that are back to back; having gaps is easier because you’re not in a rush. But being prepared is the right way to go. On the first day of class sit somewhere where you can see the board and hear the teacher. Even though your class doesn’t have assign seats don’t be the person to change seats after the second class (that is now your permanent seat). That is basically your first day of classes. Most are syllabus day and they let you go, but some will start teaching. Your day will go by quick and easy. College is all about minding your own business, getting to class and doing your work. Befriend the person you’re sitting next to, or someone in the class you know because you will need them in the future. Whether that is borrowing notes, asking for help or studying. Oh and side note, nothings wrong with sharing study guides so exchange emails! If I can give you one question to ask is always ask about the final and if there will be one. If so ask if it’s cumulative or based on the last few lessons/chapters. If the final is a project it’s not too early to ask what it will be based off on and ask about the formats of essays and if they give out study guides its best to be prepared.
High school freshman may be a little more intimidated than someone starting college. They been newbies before and understand their “role”. Some schools have the freshman come a day before upperclassman to let them get a feel for the school. Your school should allow you to go throughout your class schedule to know where your classes are to make it easier when the schools crowded (I promise after this year you’ll know where the classes are like the back of your hand). This day may not seem as intimidating since you’re surrounded by other people starting their high school years off, so take a breath because the next day will be a little bit harder. I mean I did tell you that you will make it through the day but it will be hectic. For some reason when upperclassman arrives they will want to show their authority and act ‘older’ just let them. But don’t be afraid if you have questions just ask trust they were in your shoes not too long ago. The good thing about high school is that someone in your classes you will know, more than likely you were going to school with them for years. If your close friend is not in your class make new ones with someone you hardly talk too. This is where your more than likely going to have assign seats so the people around you will be your partners and entertainers. I say this because sometimes your middle school friends will not be your high school friends and more than likely you may have more in common with these people than the ones you grew up with. The first day of classes is normally getting to know you and your classmates, going over the syllabus and reviewing the rest of the year. This is the time you ask questions about anything they go over.
That is basically how your first day of classes will go. Once you get home, call your best friend or go over their house and compare days. Corny I know but yeah. And if you’re in college might as well start reading because that’s normally what the first assignment will be is to read the first chapter or two. And high school, it just depends on the teacher. Good luck with the year, because trust me next thing you know you will be walking across the stage graduating.

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